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Feb 7

one thing we preached to him was transition defense, but the problem with that was we had the ball. At least I know he’s listening.”

- Randy Wittman

ed. note: "The future of the NBA"

Jan 24

2 - 15

Even tho it’s wrong I’m sticking with friendzy… It looks so fun”

- Pierre

2 - 15

"Hmmm do I wanna be apart of a media friendzy..Hmmm.. No thanks…"

- Pierre

Jan 19

2 - 12

“He is not a knucklehead. JaVale is a good kid. My son is special. He has gifts you can’t teach: hands, height and heart. If I’m the Wizards and I’m really trying to build a franchise, really committed to rebuilding and developing, I would nurture that talent. I would help a kid like JaVale the best I could.”

"My son is the future of the NBA. I don’t want him to be part of this culture of losing forever.”

- Mama McGee

ed. note: Please click the link and read the entire piece. Pure gold. 

Jan 16

1 - 12

“Apparently, if you get a fast break and throw it off the backboard in the third quarter, and you’re 1-11, you’re not supposed to do stuff like that. . . . I felt like I was trying to get the team hype and trying to make a good play. I felt like I did that and we went on a run from there. But I guess not.”

- JaVale McGee

“I told him that’s unacceptable. I mean, maybe I’m too old-school, but save that for the all-star game. Not during the game.”

- Flip Saunders


- JaVale McGee on whether or not he regretted the dunk

Jan 10

1 - 8 

"A reporter just winked at me n the locker room and I’m just in tights… I feel uncomfortable …. At least we for the win tho lol"

- Pierre

Jan 9

0 - 8


- Pierre

Jan 6

0 - 6

"1-6 speak into fruition! REAL FANS RT"

- Pierre

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